#1 Wedding Flowers

Mainly the white Vendela, These are the classic roses that you see in the florist's shop. A perennial wedding choice, their petals can be plucked to carpet the ceremony aisle.
Meaning: love and passion

Flower Gardens burst into life with these poufs in late summer and fall; Mainy used because of thir size, but they are quite delicate.
Meaning: devotion

This voluptuous, famous ultrafragrant flower has a very short season—late spring to early summer.
Meaning: bashful.

Mini Calla LiliesA sophisticated favorite in Art Deco days as well as this millennium, this trumpet-shaped beauty is easy to carry in a bouquet, a boutonniere and also makes a glamorous centerpiece, grouped in a series of petite vases. You may also choose the open calla (bigger)
Meaning: beauty

With a scent to swoon for, this stemless flower can be floated in water or wired into a bouquet; though edges turn brown when handled roughly, it's a stunningly retro-glam hair ornament.
Meaning: joy