Eco friendly reusable grocery bags

Photo from Martha Stewart Living

Eco friendly reusable grocery bags have seen their popularity surge in the past few years. They have a dramatically reduced environmental impact. So far this year over 375 billion disposable paper and plastic bags have been wasted and are piling up in landfills.
Many countries across the globe are passing laws to tax or ban plastic bag usage and people are starting to act on the Earth's behalf. Together we can help save this planet with every bag we reuse.

Communities need to continue to strive towards a solution and be proactive about setting an example for others.

When you use Recycled bag you save around 20 diposable plastic bags per shopping trip! Think about how many shopping trips you make a year? Disposable bags also are endangering marine life who mistake them for food. By using reusable bags consistently we are taking a stand to help this planet and it's animals.