What's Fair Trade Flowers?

Fair trade signifies a better world far from chemicals and far from unfair treat to the people working in the industry.
Under fair trade flower arrangements, less money goes to "middlemen" and more goes to the producer.

Atelier de Fleurs Green Poppies has been combining for the past year the best of contemporary and traditional floral design with flowers, containers and packaging that are both ecologically sensitive and socially conscious.

We search mainly for locally grown flowers and sometimes both local and international fresh quality organic and fair trade flowers.

While buying fair trade flowers you help the people that works in the fields collecting the flowers, these are fair treated people, and the flowers have no fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or any other kind of chemicals. These chemicals are not only affecting the people working in the fields, but the florists arranging them in a spectacular bouquet and also affects the clients trying to enjoy great flowers at home.

Come and visit us for a personalised bouquet or a quote on your next event, with the knowledge that we and yourself are helping people halfway around the world and helping preserve the environment in Canada. The world will love your decision to buy fair trade flowers.