Fair trade and flowers

The fair trade movement is an alternative way of doing business all over the world. Is based on economic justice. Consumers pay more attention to the products they buy, and the consecuences of purchasing it. The results of the current free and global market are seen really in exploitation, declining environment, destruction of communities and enlargement of poverty.

Fair trade involves the producers and the consumers. Producers get the fair pay for their products, consumers pay a fair price for the commodities. Is based mainly in long term relationships, where the buyer really gets involved with the producer, worker or artisan. Health and overall living conditions are improved with joint activities.

Equal employment opportunities are provided for all and all aspects of trade and production usually are open to the public.

Lots of products all over the world are fair traded, and some of them have to do also with environmental issues. An example are flowers grown with as little as possible impact to the environment.

Fair trade flowers are produced, bought and sold with a human resposability.
Organic flowers, avoid chemicals with an environmental responsability.
Local flowers are grown and sold with more benefits tot he same community and less polution when shipped abroad.

In Montreal, Qc. Sierra Eco certifies these fair trade standards, and www.greenpoppies.com sells these flowers and creates great flower arrangements.