Company's efforts

Eventhough no existing company is perfectly environmentally responsible nowadays we share some tips, specially for the small and medium companies and businesses.  The point of being in a green market is to do our best efforts to become one real example of it. 
Creating small businesses in Canada, managed by individual proprietors have the same responsibilities as huge corporations have.
The Product: it should be either fair trade, local or organic and therefore its production minimizes the release of toxic chemicals into the environment .
Marketing and Awareness: Must be trying to get known by consumers and getting them to buy fair trade products in their day-to-day life.
Some efforts must be done such as using all the packaging of recycled materials and reuse all the materials that come from the original vendor.
Environmental considerations as production, distribution and disposal are always integrated on our daily sales and floral creations. All other products, or most of them must be from local producers, products that are locally made or that have a social impact.
We open our doors as businesses to clients, students and people in general and have offer a variety of help to the community such as volunteer programs, events, workshops and information about the importance of buying fair trade or local products.