Flower arranging Workshops at your place!

We invite you to our Basic Floral Workshops at your place!
If you live in the GTA you can be part of this.

Upon completion of this workshop you will better understand the nature, understand the environmental trends and meet the flowers more thoroughly.
Also be able to make floral arrangements taking into account the shape, color, texture.
It will give you the most common tips and know the tools used for this type of activity.
The participant will take home an approach to a new environmental culture and a floral arrangement valued at $ 200.00.

Given at your venue.
For groups of 4 people and up.
Length: 1.5 hours
Price: $100.00 per person, fresh flowers included. And any other material needed for the workshop of the day
10% discount to groups of 10 people or more.

You will be able to prepare a floral arrangement according to your own taste, but with the experienced guidance to avoid any flower waste.

Tools are provided by the organizer as well as the flowers to work with. Nevertheless, some containers might be either brought by the participant.

1. How to choose a container
2. Preparing the saturated foam
3. How to choose your flowers according to the season
4. Do it yourself!
5. Flower care

List of tools for floral designing (included)
Foam, waterproof tape, floral wires and stem wires, wooden sticks, candle cups, moss, special theme deco, etc.

Containers for Arrangements (not included)
Bowls, Dishes, Spherical Vases, Tall Vases.

More info at info@greenpoppies.com

These are our different Floral arrangement workshops

1. Floral Arrangements: Spring basket Bunny Baskets  (1.5Hrs)
2. Valentine’s arrangements: Give away a piece of earth (1.5Hrs)
3. Arrangements with plants: Summer outdoor plants (1.5Hrs)
4. Floral Arrangements: Pumpkins Halloween doesn’t have to be scary (1.5Hrs)
5. Floral Arrangements: Automn Colours of automn in your vase (1.5Hrs)
6. Floral Arrangements: Christmas deco Christmas table arrangement (1.5Hrs)

Send us all your questions  at info@greenpoppies.com