Merry Green Christmas

Are you on of those Christmas lovers for whom an artificial tree may automatically seems like the most ecological solution for the season?
Well, let’s talk about that:

The reality of choosing an artificial or a natural tree is complicated. In fact, a natural tree is a good alternative to take pride of your foyer. However, if you already own an artificial tree, don't hesitate to reuse it!  Reuse it as many time as you can, please. It is already been produced, so, just try no to dump it I the first minute you find a newer on sale.

As for the natural Christmas tree, I am sure you know that it does not come right from the forest, right?  Be sure that you choose one that comes from a tree farm specifically dedicated to growing trees for the holiday season. You can reach the Canadian Christmas Tree Association at:

Tree growers work closely with the soil and trees,  many species of evergreens are grown in Canada to be sold specifically as Christmas trees. The most popular Christmas trees are balsam fir and Fraser fir. Other species include the Scots pine, white spruce, white pine and blue spruce. While they are growing, these trees capture CO2, which they turn into wood, water and oxygen.

After the festivities of the holiday season, a natural tree is of course completely recyclable. Check with your municipality if they are offering the services needed for collecting them. However, to ensure that the tree remains recyclable, it is preferable to avoid using spray-on artificial snow. This synthetic foam is non-biodegradable.  As in any other eco-activity, you have to be aware that decorating a Christmas tree is going to be done with as less chemicals and plastic as possible.

But my favorite alternative, also ecological, would be to decorate an indoor plant or tree. This solution creates a unique tree and calls upon creativity, originality and imagination. A solution available to everyone! In some countries you may even find that some companies are renting trees!! They do it for special events too!

Your main concerns these Holidays should be:

  1. Choose a natural tree from a local farm or even decorate an indoor tree.

  2. Inquire to ensure that the tree you choose has not been treated with pesticides.

  3. Dispose of your tree properly after the holiday season.
Merry Christmas to you all!