Choices in Fairtrade Flowers

Developed countries control most of the relevant technology and expertise.  However, a growing proportion of cut flowers are produced and exported by developing countries such as Kenya and Tanzania, in Africa and Colombia and Ecuador, in South America. In these countries, jobs in the flower industry are often insecure, with short-term contracts, offer low wages and no benefits.

Being Fairtrade certified means the farm must continuously improve conditions for the workers – whether it’s their pay or how they live. To do this,  there are many different projects from the Fairtrade Foundation,  in education, health and the environment for example.
Mainly, all the workers get basic medical care, are trained on how to handle pesticides and chemical fertilizers safely. First-aiders who are trained and equipped to international standards in first aid are near the fields.
Nursery and primary schools near the farm take care of workers’ children. The workers’ houses are also near the farm. Some workers live in these houses for free or pay subsidised rents.
Nowadays there are lots of choices are now available in Fair Trade Flowers:

  • Aster,
  • Roses,
  • Alstromelias,
  • Agapanthus,
  • Hypericum,
  • Lillies,
  • Molucella,
  • Calla,
  • Campanulla,
  • Ornothogalum,
  • Carnations,
  • Sunflowers, etc.

Please do not only choose the nicest flower, but the nicest to the world and the workers.
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