Plants and Herbs markers for fun!

Not that I drink wine a lot, but I have a huge container with corks in it and I just loved this idea, specially coming out when spring is about to...spring.

This may be used to identify the herbs in the kitchen, but also the pots in the garden when you just planted the seeds, you don't want to get confused, do you? So you have to name each pot and each plant.

You will only have to take the cork and write with a sharpie or permanent marker the name of the herb or plant.  Change the color of the marker if you want and even make beautiful designs on it if you are that artistic.  Then stick it to a BBQ wooden stick, they sell these in the supermarket or even in the dollar stores.  And voilá, you got yourself your plant/herbs markers.

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It is a great way to recycle, to reuse and spend your time under the sun!