How Plastic Bags Get Recycled

Nowadays, with the global economy, efficient packaging is more needed. The current mass packaging and other short-lived applications of plastic are obviously not sustainable and simply not acceptable. Producers have their part to blame, but consumers -like you and I- are major actors in this problem and are able to minimize or even eliminate the use of short-lived applications of plastic. One simple action could be reducing the consumption of water bottles and my favorite: kill the use of plastic bags.

The environmental impacts resulting from the accumulation of plastic waste are huge and increasing. Plastic debris affects wildlife, human health, and the environment as we all know and don't want to remember.

There are some solutions proposed. The easiest one could be material reduction, but we also are trying to encourage designers to create packaging with end-of-life recyclability.  Here we will see how the efforts to increase recycling capacity has gone to a success.

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Plastic pollution is a problem, Recycling is only one of the solutions to plastic bag litter. While plastic bags are 'technically' recyclable, the truth is less than 5% of plastic bags are actually recycled each year.

Recycling plastic bags and similar products isn't just a matter of capability. People need convenient access to plastic bag recyclers.
These materials can be recycled!

So let's do it.