A green lunch bag

Everybody knows that going out to lunch every day can become a drain on your wallet, a potential heatlh harm, and ultimately a huge slap to the environment!  If you are focusing on healthier eating, avoid harmful chemicals in food, looking to better budget your money and help the environment.
The answer is as simple as packing a GREEN, healthy and non-toxic lunch, which is made easy with these great tips:

The Carrier
Instead of using a brown baggie or a leftover plastic grocery store bag, transport your lunch in a reusable lunch bag made from 100% organic cotton. Compared to conventional cotton, the methods used to grow organic cotton have lower environmental impacts and are non-toxic because no pesticides are used. Another method for packing lunch is to use an insulated lunchbag made from materials and gels free from harmful chemicals. Before purchasing a lunchbag, check with the company to make sure the product has been tested!

The Containers
First of all, please swap out those plastic containers for non-toxic and reusable stainless steel food containers, which are dishwasher safe, and, more importantly, won’t leach chemicals like BPA into your food. If you need a microwave safe container, pack your food in a glass container. It might be heavier, but it is safer  Not only is it ok for microwave use but glass is also one of the safest, non-toxic materials available. For food usually packed in plastic baggies, try using reusable snack bags and reusable sandwich bags that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. But do not forget to reuse them!

The Tools
Reusable bamboo utensils are a great alternative to plastic utensils because they are reusable and made from bamboo, a renewable resource that won’t harm the environment.

The Liquids
Instead of packing a new plastic water bottle every day, try using BPA free bottles made from glass or stainless steel. Not only will you be reducing waste but you will also avoid exposure to BPA. Remember is some regions water bottles are banned!

The Contents
Of course we will advocate for organic fruit and veggies.  The more food you eat without conservatives, the better. Don't forget to balance your meals: protein, fiber, a little bit of healthy fat and some complex carbohydrates.

Easy and healthy, try it! Even if you cannot change everything inone shot, you might be able to focus on little changes day by day.  Have a great one!