To swap or not to swap

A clothing swap is a fun type of meeting where participants exchange their valued but no longer used clothing for clothing they will really be able to use. Clothing swaps are considered not only a good way to de-clutter and refill one's wardrobe, but also are considered an act of environmentalism. Love it!

The truth is that the notion of swapping is not a new concept. Many groups and organizations hold clothing swaps to raise money and clothes for charitable donations.  Although some people say clothes swapping originated in the United States in the late nineties, I believe that friends and sisters might have been doing it all around the world even earlier!

Clothes swapping is the latest fashion craze to hit the UK. But you can find it also in Australia, where The Clothing Exchange is now run as a social enterprise by Kate Luckins and Juliette Anic and in Canada where a non-profit organization called The S.W.A.P. Team organizes and facilitates large-scale clothing swaps partnered with charities that accept the leftover clothing at the end of the swap.

Private Swapping parties for women, how does this work? Well, all ladies must bring at least one item of clothing to swap, and in return can choose anything they want!

But this trend has gone viral too, for example, is an online service where you get virtual money credits for the items you send and you can instantly order any item showing on the site.  This way you don’t have to limit yourself to your small circle of friends.

Online clothes swapping has become popular, with these websites offering an environmentally friendly and frugal alternative to shopping you can find swapping parties in your community, so that transport and/or shipping doesn’t become an issue.

Enjoy swapping and benefit your community!