A Green Meeting

Have you ever tried to organize your own party or meeting? I bet you have. And you also have probably noticed the monetary and environmental costs involved in such an undertaking.  In this post I am trying to show hosts, planners and suppliers how to incorporate green principles into every aspect of conference and meeting planning. Some of these points might help:

Start by putting in writing your environmental statement or policy for the meeting, and of course share it with suppliers.

Try to use as less paper as you can. Use paperless technology, new media and you won't only cut down your paper use but your overall cost of the event.

Try to use one same vendor to provide all your resources like cream, sugar and coffee. This way, less vendors will have to take a trip to your venue.

Select a venue that complies with your policy, but more important that is near your target group. Reducing distances traveled by hosts, speakers and delegates will leave a lighter carbon print. Coordinate with the meeting venue to ensure that energy lights and air conditioning will be turned off when rooms are not in use and to provide recycling facilities.

If your policy includes it, then Eat green and have meals planned using local, seasonal produce.

And finally please, please, please, Practice the 3Rs:  Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.  Strategically place cubes, bins or recycling services for paper, metal, plastic and glass.

Take a look to these Meeting Pledge for the SBO National Conference 2008. The goal was to help everyone to save time, money and the environment.