A father's day incredibly green!

Father’s day is coming and I know you want to leave a nice memory, just don’t leave a huge carbon foot print.  Create memories, no clutter. 

While ties, wallets, and socks might be utilitarian, you may try something a little different this year.  Buy experiences, buy services!  Yes, instead of getting an actual tangible space-taker gift you can find something way more interesting.

Let’s go somewhere! If your dad likes to move around take him hiking to a special place, or fishing or book a walking tour. Buy him tickets to see his favorite sports team.  If he has never tried golfing you might be the first one to offer the experience. Or, you could send him on a quick road trip by renting him that car he’s always wanted to drive.

Yummy, let’s eat!.  Try cooking a nice gourmet meal of offer him a gift basket or that expensive wine that he loves; maybe even chocolates or a sweet picnic.

That’s nice of you! If dad loves his car but hates to wash it, you might consider giving your dad three months of car washes, or you can offer to wax it up!.   Maybe take care of his laundry or his lunch box for a couple of weeks.

Unattainable things.  What does your father really, really want? He must have mentioned something that would make his heart sing.  Maybe a rare baseball card or a signed sports cap.     

Whatever you decide to get, pick something that will suit his personality. At the end of the day he is the one who will really enjoy it.