Do I need all of this?

After my recent move, changing provinces, I really started thinking Do I really need all these stuff?” I mean twenty t-shirts to wear when taking my girl to school, or a dozen coffee mugs or an extra pair of tennis shoes?
I couldn’t take it anymore and got rid of the extra towels, the extra scissors, the extra everything!  Not because I didn’t want them, just because I don’t need multiples of certain things.  And when multiplicating my extra things with my family’s extra things…well stuff seemed to accumulate in an almost uncontrollable way.
So, moving out became a reality and wanting to use and carry the less boxes possible became a goal.
Here are some tips that might help you not only before your move, but as a way of life.
Cups & Glasses: Tequila, cognac, champagne glasses were donated too. If I only drink water and wine, why bother keeping all those glasses safe in the cupboard? And cups, well, with those I had to struggle because I have a thing with decorated cups.
Tupperware: I got rid of the yellowed ones, the ones with no lid and those who just are either too big or too small for us to use.
Scented candles: If I buy one or someone gets me one as a gift, I use them right away. Why leave them just collecting dust?
Vases: Keep the small one and the large one, you don’t need more than that, do you?
Towels:  I had towels old enough to serve as cleaning rags, so I cleaned my old home and cleaned my new home in a very fancy way with embroidered old towels.
Sheets: I kept two sets of sheets for each bed the other ones were donated.
Grooming Products: Have you ever bought a lotion and you didn’t like the smell, ot a hair product that didn’t really served your hair? All gone.
Hotel size items: Always tempted to get samples or take home the hotel cute shampoo bottles? Not anymore. Avoid bringing these souvenirs from your trips.
Makeup: The L’oreal Factory Sale doesn’t help my budget or my living-with-less purposes I got to say.  If you ever go to these sales, do not buy the green mascara or the pink hair mousse.
Hangers: Donated some, gave a friend some others and packed the other directly in a cardboard closet where I transported all our clothing.
Books: I gave back whatever books I had from other people, I donated the ones I already read, and gave the children’s books to a friend who still has toddlers. I didn’t have the time to do a swap, but you can do so. There are even clubs on the internet where you share and send books in exchange for another.
But the way, if you are a vigorous reader, you might want to consider e-books, but if you cannot ready from a screen –like myself- stick to the library availabilities.
Office supplies: It happened that a friend moved out and left me her office supplies, my husband found an office supplies sale, I worked in a place where I had great discounts on art and office supplies. Result: Lots of supplies that we will someday and couldn’t get rid of them, but I found great ways to organize them.

Got the idea? Maybe you don’t save that many things, or maybe you wouldn’t like to get rid of that so many things, but I hope you might consider not buying that so many things and keep consumption in the lowest level of your needs pyramid.