Hallow-green candies and stuff

As a child, I used to think Halloween was a creepy thing, haha. For real! I couldn't understand the fun on dressing as a Monster and then go out to the streets, ring a lot of door-bells to find that only half of the homes have candy to give away.
Now, is different, I enjoy just watching my daughter planning her costume, asking where are we going to trick or treat and how will all of her friends will be disguising.
I overheard a conversation the other day. Two moms were complaining about the amount of candy that our children are exposed to in Halloween. I wish that parents would just let their kids have the candy they want just this day (and maybe their birthdays) instead of taking it from them because it's "not good for them." 
Of course after trick or treating I always empty the bags on the table; my daughter thinks is because we are like pirates enjoying the treasure we just robbed, but I do it because is necessary to go through each and every candy in there.  She is all into the costumes, the trip out there, the fun and not really into eating all the candy, that comes second.
Every year I let my kid enjoy her candy for about half hour on Halloween night and the following day. Then we get two bowls, one to put the stuff we like, and one to put the stuff we don't want. The bowl of likes goes into the pantry and can be there till the following Halloween because my kid forgets about it!   The bowl of "un-likes" usually go to the food bank or Salvation Army.
And now there is this trend of giving away pencils, erasers and stickers! I got to tell you, it is about to be one of my favourites.  But I will always think of Halloween as the day to be allowed to be a fool in disguise and eat all the chocolates we want.

My green advice:
-don't buy cheap candy from dubious origins.
-don't eat candy that came unwrapped
-don't throw away the costumes or decoration, they might serve other purpose afterwards.
-don't go to sleep without brushing your teeth.

Happy Hallow-green!