Peppermint Latte to ease the Cold!

Are you cold? Very cold? Want to treat yourself?
What about a Peppermint Latte with Organic Candy Canes. Yes! I said Organic.
Organic Candy Canes can be found near you and even on line!

These Candy Canes, to be called "organic" are made with the highest quality natural and of course organic ingredients, natural colors and flavors. The real organic brown rice syrup and sweeteners help to create a healthier and better tasting product. Even better, you can get candy canes made without corn syrup.

The Ingredients are the following
2 shots espresso or strong coffee
1 cup milk
a few drops of peppermint extract or 1 tablespoon crème de menthe or 1 tablespoon peppermint schnapps
whipped cream for garnish
1 candy cane

And easy instructions for easy people:
1. Brew coffee. Add milk to a cup to steam on espresso machine, or to a saucepan to heat on the stove-top, or heat in a coffee mug in the microwave.
2. Add espresso and milk to a coffee mug. Add peppermint extract. Top with whipped cream if desired an add a candy cane.
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Where to find Organic Candy Canes?