Smells like Christmas already!

Well, practically it is here, it already smells like Christmas!
Normally I do not buy Christmas gifts. In my family we prefer to do new activities or anything new with the budget for the holidays.

But I must confess it's hard to restrain ourselves when we only see ads about things we do not need but that look very attractive.

For some reason I have this perception that if I don’t buy something during Christmas time I'll be missing a lot and I really mean a LOT!. It's like an urge to have, to own, what stores inject us with their cheerful and pleasant advertising and showcases.  And I think that's what happens to most of us consumers.

But I do not believe in cheap gifts to give at the office or think I need to give something to the bank teller for her to better serve me next year and I am aware that my family will not love me more or less if I buy them something or not.
So here are some ideas if you also want to participate in a green Christmas:
1. The "re-gifting": It might sound rude but is actually a form of recycling ! The scarf Aunt gave us last year and we never used, the wallet that someone in the office gave us but we never wanted to use, or the aromatic soap that the neighbor brought and which gives me allergies.  You can recycle! If it is new and someone else will like it, why not give it away?

2. Do it yourself: Personally I am not very skilled, but my daughter is at a good age for me to teach her that crafts, DIY and baking are the best gift. So grandparents, aunts and teachers will definitely receive a piece of art.

3. The transfer: this already goes beyond the "re-gifting" because it refers to something used but useful. Let's say that you read a book, you saw a movie or heard a CD that you know someone else will like it too. Although I recommend that this option to be used with caution, because it may offend some people.

4. And my favorite! Give a plant. It will last longer, purify the air and warm the life of the recipient. Give life and love.
Hopefully my advice will help you do something greener to start with this year.

Happy Holidays!