A Christmas Stocking full of Bears

This adorable stocking project will steal your heart.
This year why not make it extra-special by creating stockings for your loved ones?

I  wanted to decorate home and started with whatever it remained from previous Christmas'.  I found this beautiful stocking made specially for my daughter and will explain a little bit of how it was made.

So, if you have a box full of material to use, reuse and recycle go ahead and try this!

Draw or print out the pattern for the exterior body pieces, lay the fabric wrong side up and fold one side over 13 inches. Lay the pattern piece on top. Cut out the pattern with your rotary cutter or trace and cut out with scissors. Repeat for the batting and lining.

Then cut out the bears and all the cute things your would like to add.  Start sewing each piece and decorate with spangles.

To assemble the body of the stocking, put the two exterior body pieces right sides together. Gently smooth the batting to the wrong sides of the exterior fabric. The batting clings to the fabric, which makes things easier for keeping the pieces together. So you will have a layer of batting, two layers of fabric (right sides together) and then another layer of batting. Pin in place. Sew the four layers together with a 1/2" seam allowance.

If you are too savvy or have the embroidery machine, then try to personalize it.

Happy Holidays!