Oh Christmas tree!

While some people still debate between having a natural #Christmastree or a fake one, some other have found the pleasure of a Christmas tree at home without the ethical conflict.

Many, many people, more that I though, are against cutting a tree just for the fun and tradition of a one month decoration.  A tree, cut from its habitat will die in a while just to help us feel cozy for a month in a house full of color, lights and Santas.

Then we have the opposite current, a fake tree that will save a natural tree from being cut, but then the ethical problem is referred to a mass production of plastic trees, which by the way we now managed to have them not only in green but in white, purple and even red!  Plastic or fake trees will save a natural tree, but will throw away so many chemicals while being produced that you cannot really imagine.

The problem is that either way you'll be criticized by environmentalists (or by #greenpoppies)!  It is a difficult decision to make I agree.  I have a child myself and love to decorate for Christmas just for her.  We cannot only void the idea of a Christmas tree at home! It looks nice, is tradition! and specially because Santa needs a place to leave all the gifts.

To my surprise and delight I spotted in my Facebook page some examples of trees from people that I admire and to whom I wish all the best this season and ever! Here they are:

Love this one! Mounted in the wall, such a piece of art with the Villa underneath.
Rosalinda, the owner, designer and one of my favorite people in the world says: 
"I put a wooden spoon so that we may never lack food; a candle to have always light; a stone of hope; a joy bell; a bell for my friends to be always near; a heart so love will always be around; the angel of health and the star of faith. There are 9 ascending branches symbolizing the daily struggle, work and growth.... and the base is the scene of the birth of Jesus, also in wood."

Below, I will show you "the intelectual tree" and one of the most original ones I spotted, loved it too! They managed to put up the lights and even maintained the ornament at the top symbolizing the Bethlehem Star!

And finally this one on a pot! Gorgeous idea and even more gorgeous the fact the it is a natural tree, decorated, that will not have to die in a month.  All the ornaments are handmade, either by the designer, Gabriela, or by someone else, but the art and originality are there!
Some of the ornaments are from scrap metal and others are made with pressed paper forming stars which will lead the way to wherever she wants to go.

 Did you like these? How ahead try them this year and please share!

Happy Holidays!