The High Price of Materialism

You might have noticed by now, but we are paying a high price on materialism.  And by we, I mean, you and me, not the government or the scientists, you, me, the common people!
We who live, who consume, who watch our favorite tv shows every night.

Studies had demonstrated already that the more exposure to media, the more interest on consumption.  Why? well, because that's the job of mass media, tempting us to consume. But these same studies have demonstrated that the higher the consumption, the lower the satisfaction!

How can that be possible? Just because we think we will be happier when we get whatever we are inclined to get. And then we get it and we notice our level of satisfaction is the same as before, if not lower.

I remember when I was a kid, the Barbie hair saloon was all over tv and I wrote my letter to Santa asking for it, I even mentioned to him that it didn't matter if it would be my only present, because that was what I wanted the most.  Yes, of course, after Christmas, as it happens with the vast majority of toys, it remained it total solitude first behind my bed and afterwards in the bottom of the closet. It happened to an eight year old child, but the problem is that it still happens to 40 year old children all over the world!

We build our life based on intrinsic values which are the base of a humane society, and if materialistic values and pro-social values are in a see-saw, we definitely have a problem as a Society.

I found this interesting video, hope you like it.