14 uses for empty pill containers

Have you ever thought about how many empty pill bottles you can throw away in a year? They are recyclable, but it seems so extremely wasteful when you add yours to your neighbor’s and to the whole community’s. By the way, some Pharmacy's will take them back, please check with them before just throw them away. Also a lot of vets and animal shelters will take donations to fill animal’s prescriptions.
I came up with a bunch of different ideas to reuse them, I’ve had them in 2 different sizes, so the re-use will depend of the size of the container you are given.
  1. To keep teeth for the tooth fairy
  2. Toothpicks
  3. Bobby pins and hair pins
  4. Small batteries
  5. Sewing pins, buttons
  6. To organize screws and nails in the tool box
  7. Craft items like beads, glitter or finger paint.
  8. Paper clips, rubber bands, push pins
  9. Stamps
  10. Ear buds
  11. Depending on how secure the top is you can put salad dressing, ketchup and mustard for lunch boxes. Carry nuts or cheerios too.
  12. Great containers if you save seeds.
  13. Emergency kits:
    1. Non-prescription medicine
    2. Mints or gum
    3. Band-aids
  14. Travel / Camping:
    1. Q tips
    2. For vitamins and prescription pills.
    3. Face cream
    4. Tweezers and nail clips

Don’t forget they can be labeled, painted or wrapped in pretty paper. 

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