How to make compost

I found this infogram at  It is useful and cute. I hope you like it and be able to use it

Basics to compost

I found this article on the Basics for how to compost and get top quality soil for your garden and landscaping for FREE!
You will need:
  • A sealed bucket or container to store kitchen scraps (attractive Metal Compost Bins)
  • A spading Fork
  • Partially shaded spot in your yard (if you have pets, put a little wire mesh fencing around it to keep them from scoring extra food.)

How to Compost - Secret Gardening Formula | Pretty Handy Girl

You can check the complete article here:

Reusing your coffee cup

I love coffee! But I don't love throwing away the cup. Take a look at this infogram from factory direct. It says Americans throw away 25 billion cups a year! That is a lot of cups!  
If we save 1 cup a day, we will also save 40 trees in 40 years, cool, right?

 Why we should all be using a reusable mug, cup or bottle! #greenpoppies #reuse