A good laugh with a tear.

We wake up everyday and prepare ourselves to go out and do whatever we have to do. We go to the office, go to school or go run our errands.  It seems generic when we say that we do not pay proper attention to what we are doing.  And yes, that also happens in the common life events like going shopping.  We let ourselves go with the flow and...

...things like this happen.
The worst thing is that it's true!  I once went to Costco and after an hour of shopping, while in line, I had to go back and start putting everything I had in the shopping cart to their original place.
Yes, I had a couple of minutes to pay attention to what I was doing and stopped myself of spending $300 in things I really didn't know if I needed.

Couldn't read the source in the pic, the writing is too small, sorry about that.